Being affiliated to CBSE, we follow the NCERT curriculum but go way beyond it, in terms of methods and inputs.

Following are scholastic and co-scholastic subjects.

Primary School – (Grades I to IV)

Scholastic Subjects –

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science (EVS)

Co-scholastic subjects-

  • Computers
  • General Knowledge (GK)
  • Art
  • Co- Curricular Activities ( CCA) – Various activities and Inter class competitions are conducted for students to showcase their skills in various forms like drawing, craft, elocution, poetry recitation, Quiz and many more.
  • Value Education – Value based stories are taught and students solve some questions and activities related to the moral of the story in the prescribed book.
  • Library – To inculcate the habit of reading we have library period once a week for all the grades. For Grade 1 we follow class library where the teacher helps or reads out the story for the class. For Grade II to IV, a book is issued to students to carry home which they can keep for a week to improve their reading skills.
  • Games – Activities such as various types of races, passing the ball with variations; age appropriate group games etc. are conducted.
  • Yoga – Different asanas and shlokas are introduced to cater to the students’ physical as well as mental health in their growing age.
  • Taekwondo – Different types of punches, kicks and blocks are introduced as basic self defense techniques.
  • Graded Examination For Spoken English – GESE particularly takes care of the spoken English. We follow the curriculum prescribed by Trinity College of London. The classes are conducted once a week for all the students. There will be an examination conducted at the end of the year, which is optional. Students can opt for either the Indian exam or Foreign exam with a separate examination fee for it.
  • Marathi – Being the regional language of the state, only oral introduction is emphasized for better communication in day to day life. No assessments are conducted for the same.
  • Western Music – Vocal music. Age appropriate songs are been taught for understanding of rhythm and language.
  • Dance – Different dance styles and various forms of dance are introduced according to the age.
  • Swimming (optional) – The basic swimming techniques like breathing in water, gliding, kicking are introduced for beginners and improving of stamina, endurance and strokes for the swimmers.
  • Activity (Grade IV only) – Apart from the common co-scholastic subjects mentioned above, Grade 4 students need to select any one activity from the below options.  The Activity period is conducted once a week.
    • Western music   
    • Dance
    • Tabla
    • Skating
    • Swimming
    • Band (Recorder or Drums)

Subject wise detailed curriculum is shared on the website under “Year Plans”.

Middle School – (Grades V to VIII)

Subjects:-Maths, Science  &  SST
Language:–English, Hindi ,Marathi/ Sanskrit / French

Secondary School – (Grades IX, X)

Subjects:- Maths, Science  &  SST
2nd Language: – English, Hindi / Marathi/ Sanskrit / French

High School – (Grades  XI & XII  – Science)

Subjects:-  Compulsory ; English, Physics , Chemistry  – Optional :  Biology  with Mathematics , Biology with Economics , Mathematics with Economics.

High School – (Grades  XI & XII  – Commerce)

Subjects:- English , Accounts, Business Studies , Economics , Information  Practices / Mathematics