Guru Pournima Celebrations (2018-19)

Guru Pournima Celebrations at INS !!!

Our Principal, Prasad Sir performed the puja of Guru Vyas during the morning assembly. Students recited shlokas & made cards to mark the importance of this day. 

Our Sanskrit Sir narrated the Dakshinamurty stotra, which says that our Guru helps us see the unseen or helps us see beyond our vision that we normally see.

Another shlokas explained how Lord Krishna is the Guru of the entire world and has guided the whole world with his love. A shloka describing Guru Vyas was recited which explained how he has imparted knowledge to this world. He was the one who divided the four Vedas, who wrote the Brahmasutra, the 18 Puranas and the epic Mahabharat.
Our Principal, Prasad Sir interacted with the students and requested them to seek blessings from the First Guru, i.e. Parents. He told them to wish the teachers and respect them as they are the next gurus after parents.