Dear Stakeholders of INS

Though I have had a long association with INS this is the first time I am interacting with you through Young Minds. I take this opportunity to share with you some of my beliefs about schooling.

a) We are known as a school with high expectations, high standards and high achievements. To support our students in their endeavours we appreciate the encouragement and motivation parents give their children at home because it has been our experience that children who are well adjusted and able to meet classroom expectations are the ones who get that support at home.

b) As a school we have a firm discipline code in place however we do not believe in punishment but in course correction. If we work collaboratively and praise good behaviour and ignore bad behavior, I am sure we will see positive results. We need to be firm and consistent if we want well behaved and happy kids.

c) We are the role models for our kids. Let us ensure that we exhibit the behaviour and ethics that we want our kids to model.

d) We are a child centered school where all our efforts and endeavours are concentrated around the achievement of each child.

e) We believe that school should be a space where the child looks forward to and should be happy to come to.With that end in view our teachers ensure the well being of every child in their class.

f) I know that academic achievement is extremely important however it is not the only aspect of school. Encourage your kids to participate in and enjoy the entire spectrum of activities that the school has to offer.

g) Lastly maintain a cordial relation with the school and be respectful of your ward’s teachers. This will send out the message to your ward that school & teachers are sacrosanct.

h) Also attach the utmost importance to school norms so the child understands the value of discipline. This will make life easy for parent, child and teacher and will translate into success for the child. On that final note I take your leave and look forward to a long and fruitful association with you.