DSC04470Dear Stakeholders of INS

Man is bestowed with innate talents, powers, abilities and capacities. Education is the process which brings them forth. Swami Vivekananda believed that, “Education is the manifestation of divine perfection already existing in the man.”On the same line father of nation Mahatma Gandhi affirmed that,” Education is all round drawing of best in man, his body, mind and spirit.

In INDIRA NATIONAL SCHOOL we believe in thoughts put forward by these great philosophers of the era. We try to develop democratic spirit, scientific spirit, self-confidence, human values and spirit of enquiry. We provide an atmosphere where child is allowed to discover his own abilities.

We provide equal opportunities for spiritual, cultural, social and emotional development of the child. We try to make children discover abilities in them and acquire skills which will be helpful for them in facing challenges arising in future.

We at Indira National School assure parents that our children will be inculcated with values to build a better society and progressive nation as we believe that education is a journey not a race.

Mr. Prasad Pardeshi