“Without involvement you can’t succeed.

   With your involvement you can’t fail.”

   School can become a temple of learning only when the student, the guardian,               endeavor to make it a place of pursuit for education, a sadhana, where the spring         of punctuality, sanctity and thirst for knowledge flows.

   Parents and teachers have to work as partners in the process of learning. We               promise you a safe, supportive and enriching experience at Indira National School.

                                                                                              Mrs. Vijaya Joshi 
                                                                                              Executive Principal


Owing to the COVID19 pandemic situation and contagious nature of the disease, Indira Group of Institute (IGI), Pune has made it mandatory for everyone to wear face masks and face shields while entering any of the Indira campuses. Face shields are made available for Rs. 30/- at all security cabins.

Anyone with symptoms like fever, cold cough, etc. are requested to avoid visiting Indira campuses. They can opt for online services provided by us. IGI takes all safety measures to curb the spread of disease and appreciate your cooperation by abiding by the norms.